And it alludes to this time and place we claim to not be in anymore, in terms of sexual politics. As a woman in general, and a woman in this industry, I’ve experienced some pretty wild behavior from the opposite sex. It’s a nod to that, but it’s also playful, and a really playful film in a lot of ways. Feigenbaum. That’s Little Saint James vibes. “Something,” says the plot description, “is a bit terrifying.” No kidding. Deadline reported today that Kravitz will make her directorial debut with this incredibly named genre thriller, co-written by her and E.T. The story evolved into something else, but the title wound up having multiple meanings. Regarding the title, Kravitz told Deadline:

“I started writing this story in 2017. The title was kind of a joke at first, this place where people would go, bring women, party, and hang out. In Pussy Island, Tatum will play tech mogul Slater King, who brings the yet-to-be-cast lead character, a “young, clever, Los Angeles cocktail waitress,” to the aforementioned private island, where the party vibes turn sinister. Sources



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Tags: People are evolving and changing, but there is still a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths from past behavior. It’s called Pussy Island. I like that the title leads with that and has some heavy meaning beneath it.”

Tatum recounts to Deadline that in his first meeting with Kravitz for the project, she told him to stop wearing Crocs. Photo: Shutterstock

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a live-action Channing Tatum performance, but Zoë Kravitz is seeing to it that he comes back in the best way possible: by sentencing him to Pussy Island. Already making bold directorial choices, we see.