Someone write my new name down.” Demon girl summer rages on. “This video represents the twisted, surreal, and playful world that I exist in as the devil,” she added. We met her last night … in Banks’s new music video, that is. Related

Therapy and Ceramics with Banks, in 3 Acts

Tags: “In this world, I hypnotize and stuff every demon in a box while I dance, fly, and play with my devil sisters. We’ve seen the devil. Banks said in a statement that the video, which she co-directed, drew on Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula and Robert Zemeckis’s Death Becomes Her. The pop singer-songwriter returned on June 16 with sultry new single “The Devil,” alongside a haunting Twilight homage music video. “I’m the devil and I speed with the pedal on the gas,” she whispers in the chorus, à la “bad guy.” The video finds Banks (the mononym of Jillian Rose Banks) kidnapping a devilish man from a bar to take him to a fireside ritual with her friends, who are, well, a different kind of devilish.