Netflix, of course, as was announced all the way back in September 2019, when Hulu tweeted a playful pass of the Seinfeld baton. All nine seasons of the series will be leaving Hulu — which the show has called home for five years — at midnight June 23. So, the show about nothing will be streaming on … nothing, at least for a couple months. Related

Seinfeld Won’t Be Streaming Anywhere for a While, and That’s Good for Netflix

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Tags: An industry insider familiar with Netflix’s plans told Vulture’s Buffering that fans shouldn’t expect the series to land there until closer to fall. .@Netflix We’ll take good care of the gang @SeinfeldTV until June 2021… #SadToSeeYouGo #SerenityNow #YadaYadaYada— Love, Hulu (@hulu) September 16, 2019

But while Seinfeld is off to Netflix, don’t expect it to show up on the streaming service anytime soon. Streamliner

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Ah, the streaming wars continue. As all our nostalgic favorites bounce from one service to another, the latest show to enter the crossfire is the beloved sitcom about nothing, Seinfeld. And where is the series off to next?