In the first trailer for The Shrink Next Door, a dramedy series adapted from the popular 2019 podcast, Will Ferrell portrays a wealthy schmuck who decides to visit a psychiatrist to the stars (Paul Rudd, still not aging) to help work out some lingering issues. Related

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Tags: “I do believe,” he taunts Ferrell’s character in the trailer, “you’ve just had what us head-shrinkers call a breakthrough.” This can’t end well. The Shrink Next Door, also starring Kathryn Hahn, will premiere on Apple TV on November 12. Soon enough the days become months, and the months become years, and the psychiatrist has somehow taken over every part of his patient’s life: He’s living in the Hamptons manse with his wife (Casey Wilson), working as the president of the family business, and, presumably, funneling in some extra cash on the side. As some would say, Well, how did I get here? No amount of co-pays are worth this bullshit.