Jamie Foxx to Star in Netflix Sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me

Tags: Foxx was “reportedly involved in the decision to end the series,” so he’ll finally stop Embarrassing the titular Me after all. Photo: Netflix

Academy Award winner and generally cool guy Jamie Foxx faced his most challenging role yet when he debuted the eight-episode first season of his Netflix sitcom, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! as the titular embarrassing dad. The series, which premiered in April, was based on Foxx’s relationship with his daughter, Corinne Foxx, whose stand-in was played in this multi-cam by Kyla-Drew. Of course the premise would be tough: Foxx has to be one of the world’s least embarrassing dads. On Friday, Deadline reported that Netflix has opted not to renew the show, which also co-starred David Alan Grier and Porscha Coleman, for a second season.