The official trailer for I Think You Should Leave season two has arrived, and it’s chock-full o’ clips from Tim Robinson’s upcoming sketches. All of our favorite milieus from season one are back: funerals, conference rooms, house parties, and strange old men. The trailer includes Tim Heidecker sporting rock-god hair; Patti Harrison on some sort of Def Jam stage; a fleeting glimpse of Richard Jewell himself; Paul Walter Hauser; and, of course, Robinson’s bestest buddy, Sam Richardson, channeling his “Baby of the Year” energy, but this time with a wig on. Best of all, Bob Odenkirk has entered the ITYSLCU, and as we all know, he’s the only man alive who’s even better at comedic screaming than Robinson. The season drops on July 6 on Netflix, because Corncob TV probably couldn’t afford it. Related

I Think You Should Leave Returns for Season Two on July 6

Stupid Times Call for Stupid Jokes

Tags: They move a mile a minute, but if the phrase “Corncob TV” inherently makes you laugh, you already know this new season will be for you.