She sics her sketchy cop brother on them. When Black couple Malik (Cory Hardrict) and Imani (Jasmine Burke) move to a tony suburb, their cartoonishly evil neighbor Karen (Trump supporter Taryn Manning, wearing a wig that makes her hairline start at the back of her head) sets out to destroy them, using every trick in the Karen playbook. She calls them angry and aggressive. The worst trailer you’ve seen in a minute is currently trending on Twitter. It’s for a BET original movie called Karen, about a Karen named Karen who Karens. At least Wendy Williams seems into it. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Coke Daniels (@officialcokedaniels)


Taryn Manning’s Instagram Post Is Basically a Pro-Trump Bingo Card

Tags: It’s a made-for-TV thriller directed by a guy whose name is literally Coke and starring a QAnon truther whose name literally rhymes with Karen, so subtlety isn’t the vibe here. When a friend at brunch asks Karen to tell her about her new neighbors, Karen can only offer, “They’re Black,” with a villainish eyebrow arched so high it high-fives that aforementioned wig-line. The soap dispenser in her powder room? You better believe it has a Confederate flag on it.