But things really get weird once you crawl through the vagina tunnel. “I come in here to think, I come in here to create — I feel inspired in the vagina tunnel,” she explains, before emerging through the washing machine on the other side and exclaiming “See, rebirth and cleansed!” There’s “vagina appreciation” all over the home, as well as a “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” vibe, a “jungle theme” mixed with a “Beverly Hills Hotel” one, and “an Old English style” that is “also very obviously typically LA.” Upstairs, behind a secret door, through the woods and down the rabbit hole, there’s a wall of literal mad hats, a costume cupboard, and a “David Lynch–inspired” poker room surrounded by red curtains. The “Pussy Palace,” as she dubbed it, is a fully carpeted pink room with mirrored ceilings, a stripper pole, and a sex swing. A year after taking us through her place with sister Poppy, Cara Delevingne is back, leading Architectural Digest through her new Los Angeles fun house, a maximalist’s acid-trip daydream. Related

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Tags: “You know, if you wanna play,” she says, idling by it. Didn’t know it was this kind of party, but we’re glad we came. Peel them back and find a ball pit. Not a euphemism. The tour starts off like one of any celebrity home with a massive art installation, a gaudy piano, and a quarry’s worth of precious stone. No time for follow-ups because we’re on our way to the sex attic. A ball pit.