(Which means that despite how much I’d love to guess how everyone from The Sopranos is voting, Paulie Walnuts & Co. Tags: Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Getty Images, Shutterstock, HBO and NBC

Have you heard? are out.)

FriendsRoss: Kathryn GarciaRachel: Maya WileyChandler: Maya WileyMonica: Eric Adams (secretly)Joey: Andrew YangPhoebe: Paperboy Love Prince

SuccessionLogan: Curtis SliwaKendall: Andrew YangRoman: Andrew YangSiobhan: Kathryn GarciaCousin Greg: Andrew YangTom: Scott StringerGerri: Ray McGuire

Sex and the CityCarrie: Maya WileyMiranda: Shaun DonovanCharlotte: Andrew YangSamantha: “Mister Mayor, is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

BillionsAxe: Andrew YangChuck: Kathryn GarciaWendy: Kathryn GarciaTaylor: Dianne Morales

GirlsHannah: Maya WileyMarnie: Kathryn GarciaJessa: Dianne MoralesShoshanna: Andrew YangRay: Kathryn GarciaAdam: Andrew Yang

30 RockLiz: Maya WileyJack: Ray McGuireTracy: Don Shonovan, that nice man he met at the YJenna: Andrew Yang promised to make Jackie Jormp-Jomp big on TikTok

Law & Order: SVU and Organized CrimeCaptain Olivia Benson: Kathryn GarciaDetective Elliot Stabler: Eric AdamsSergeant Fin Tutuola: Eric AdamsDetective Amanda Rollins: Eric AdamsADA Dominick Carisi Jr.: Eric Adams

Gossip Girl (Original Series)Serena: Andrew YangBlair: Kathryn GarciaDan: Dianne MoralesNate: Ray McGuireChuck: Scott Stringer

Brooklyn Nine-NineDetective Jake Peralta: Andrew YangDetective Rosa Diaz: Eric AdamsDetective Amy Santiago: Kathryn GarciaSergeant Terry Jeffords: Eric AdamsDetective Charles Boyle: Eric AdamsGina Linetti: Eric AdamsCaptain Ray Holt: Eric Adams

The Marvelous Mrs. Just as we did five years ago, we’ve taken a peek inside the minds of television’s most famous New Yorkers to see who they’re ranking No. Would you like to hear his top 5? High FidelityRob: Maya WileyClyde: Andrew YangCherise: Dianne MoralesSimon: Maya Wiley

Broad CityAbbi: Maya WileyIlana: Paperboy Love Prince

Blue BloodsCommissioner Frank Reagan: Eric AdamsDetective Danny Reagan: Eric AdamsADA Erin Reagan: Eric AdamsSergeant Jamie Reagan: Eric Adams

Search PartyDory: Maya WileyDrew: Maya WileyElliott: Maya WileyPortia: Maya Wiley

BettyJanay: Maya WileyHoneybear: Maya WileyKirt: Paperboy Love PrinceCamille: Maya WileyIndigo: Ray McGuire

Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtKimmy: Definitely not the Veiled Prophet. Who told you that?Titus: Andrew YangJacqueline: Ray McGuireLillian: Curtis Sliwa, her ex

EmpireCookie: Eric AdamsLucious: Eric AdamsAndre: Ray McGuireHakeem: Andrew YangJamal: Dianne Morales

FelicityFelicity: Kathryn GarciaBen: Andrew YangNoel: Maya Wiley

Sports NightDan: Kathryn GarciaCasey: Andrew YangDana: Kathryn GarciaIsaac: Ray McGuireJeremy: Maya WileyNatalie: Maya Wiley

NewsRadioDave: Kathryn GarciaLisa: Kathryn GarciaJimmy James: Writing in TrumpMatthew: Andrew YangBeth: Scott StringerJoe: Andrew YangCatherine: Eric Adams

Living SingleKhadijah: Maya WileySynclaire: Dianne MoralesMax: Ray McGuireKyle: Ray McGuireObie: Eric AdamsRégine: Andrew Yang

The NannyFran: Andrew Yang

SeinfeldJerry: Forgot to voteElaine: Forgot to voteGeorge: Forgot to voteKramer: Forgets to vote but somehow winds up running the Sanitation Department. Maisel: Maya WileyEveryone else: Dead

YoungerLiza: Maya Wiley, though she empathizes with Eric Adams’s address controversy.Kelsey: Maya WileyMaggie: Eric AdamsDiana: Kathryn GarciaJosh: Dianne MoralesCharles: Ray McGuire

The UndoingGrace: Maya WileyJonathan: Scott StringerDetective Joe Mendoza: Eric AdamsDonald Sutherland’s character: Andrew YangFernando: Dianne Morales

What We Do in the ShadowsNandor the Relentless: Kathryn GarciaLaszlo: Scott StringerNadja: Maya WileyGuillermo: Kathryn GarciaColin Robinson: Actually more interested in the District 51 City Council race. In case you haven’t quite made up your mind, here’s a Vulture-centric voting guide. For the first time, the election will be determined by ranked-choice voting, with everyone able to list up to five candidates. The New York City mayoral primary is here, and this year, it’s more confusing than ever. MaiselMrs. 1. As always, there are only two rules for inclusion: They must conceivably be alive in 2021, and they have to live in New York City.