“That is no birthday candle.” After attempting to light the back — “120 people [going], ‘Other way! The Martha Stewart of comedy and owner of Houseplant cannabis even brought his own joint along to Conan on Tuesday, eagerly offering it up to the admittedly high-strung host. “This is how lame I am: For a second I thought, ‘He brought a birthday candle?’” Conan takes a sniff. With Conan O’Brien’s schedule clearing up after his final show on June 24, Seth Rogen has a very on-brand suggestion for what he should fill it with: clouds of smoke. Watch them smoke weed with no employment consequences above. “I’m so happy with what just happened,” Rogen giggles. Related

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Tags: Other way!’” Andy Richter chimes in — Conan takes a hit to the chest and passes it around. You trying to cyphe?