“The stuff I want to do is a little bit more edgy, a little more highbrow, a little more heady, and I think Netflix wants down the middle,” adding, “Netflix became CBS.” Which is hilarious because, you know, he literally left Netflix to join ViacomCBS. In a new Hollywood Reporter interview, Barris explained why he left Netflix, and confirmed that he will be forming and heading the new BET Studios at ViacomCBS. Photo: Aaron Poole/Walt Disney Television via Getty

Earlier this year, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris walked away from the $100 million Netflix deal he had signed in 2018, which he made after ending his other production deal at ABC. “I just don’t know that my voice is Netflix’s voice,” Barris put it. Related

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Tags: Later in the piece, ViacomCBS exec David Nevins says that since taking on this new position, which will also include podcasting and book-publishing ventures, Barris has pitched a reality show for CBS. Those are some Mixed-ish messages. Barris’s high-profile sitcom for Netflix that he starred in, BlackAF, received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, while Astronomy Club, which he executive produced, was canceled by Netflix after one season.