If commercials aren’t your streaming viewing of choice though, Paramount+ is also offering a premium ad-free subscription, post free trial, for $10 a month. If you’re still scrambling to find a way to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars or just wondering what Paramount+ is all about, then now’s probably a good time to dive in. Paramount+ has recently revealed a new deal offering a free trial lasting not a week but a full 30 days. The monthlong trial period extends into the streaming service’s newly launched “essential” plan, which gives subscribers limited commercial interruptions for $5 a month. It’s at least worth poking around in for a month. Related

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Tags: From the Mission Impossible and Indiana Jones franchises to Little Women, Saint Maud, and School of Rock, there’s good stuff! And you gotta love free. The free trial should automatically apply at checkout, so no worries there, but if you don’t plan to stay past the free offer, just be sure to set a reminder to cancel. Streamliner

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Illustration: ViacomCBS. This comes on the heels of the streaming service’s announcement, earlier this month, of a significant boosting of its portfolio, having added more than 1,000 movie titles to its library. When it comes to streaming services, a free monthlong trial feels like a rare occurrence nowadays — and this rare occurrence is only available until July 1.