Damn, it’s far from brutal in Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR Prom concert film, which seems like a genuinely nice time for all of the teens? “deja vu” becomes a trippy limousine ballad; “drivers license” proves too sad even for the slow-dancers; and “good 4 u” gets the full marching-band treatment on a football field. Honestly, we haven’t been this envious about youth culture since the She’s All That prom dance-off. Continuing her complete and utter dominance of the year 2021, Rodrigo repurposed her SOUR songs into a visual journey through every high-schooler’s rite of passage: Drinking punch in an auditorium with a date you’ll dump by the end of the summer. All that’s missing is the chaperone who confiscates a flask of vanilla vodka. Related

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