.@MeghanMcCain announces her departure from @TheView at the end of the show’s season, saying “this was not an easy decision.”“I’m just eternally grateful to have had this opportunity here so, seriously, thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart.” https://t.co/ZiP1UTs2xu pic.twitter.com/eLuEAJ4KLT— The View (@TheView) July 1, 2021


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Tags: But, admittedly, it’s probably for the best. area, where she now wants to raise baby Liberty. Photo: ABC

It is I, Vulture social-media editor and noted Meghan McCain hair fanatic, Wolfgang Ruth, arriving with a.m. For weeks, we’ve been gravitated, gooped, and gobsmacked by the styles and the lengths of Meghan’s hair choices — who is she, why is she, how is she, where is she, and what is she? Now reader, this day — this moment — is not surprising, nor is it shocking; it is, however, bittersweet. “Page Six” also reports, via a source, that ABC “begged” the legend to stay. In her announcement, Meghan attributes her decision to the COVID-19 pandemic, which sent her packing to the D.C. news so devastating to me personally that I no longer have my wig: Miss Meghan McCain is reportedly leaving The View after four seasons. Update: And it’s official! Per a Daily Mail “exclusive,” the co-host is set to announce her departure from the show today. The pure fact that this extreme form of chaos is abruptly leaving our TV screens is heartbreaking. She thanks her co-hosts and credits her father John McCain (heard of him?!) with her View gig. Meghan also reveals that she will be staying on through the end of July to close out the season, so that hairstylist has just a few short weeks to give us something earth-shattering, something we’ve never seen before. Furthermore, the site’s source also claims McCain’s co-hosts — including Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg — as of Thursday morning’s news break, were “not yet aware” she was quitting. RIP, to the hair.