It’s another scene that wouldn’t have been nearly as long in the movie version of this story and feels like it’s here just to pad out runtime. Anyway, Amanda mutters to her sisters back in the present day that Scott then kissed her, transferring the water from Boo’ya Moon to his sister-in-law, and Lisey does the same. Lisey’s Story
Now You Must Be Still

Season 1

Episode 6

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Apple TV+’s big-budget adaptation of Lisey’s Story by Stephen King is reaching its final chapters but struggling with the same problems as the midsection of the season. The episode could have opened with Jim creepily playing with his yo-yo in the dark (not a euphemism). Yes, we finally get Amanda freed from her mental prison and catatonic state, but instead of using that to jump into the action that will end this story, the writing again gets repetitive when it should be urgent. “Don’t analyze, utilize. Will there be any surprises left? Lisey Landon has made it to Boo’ya Moon and makes a brief stop at Sweetheart Hill before reaching the water. Pan to a cop car out front as it turns on and drives away — King doesn’t think highly of the cops in Maine, apparently. The sisters are working together again, almost finishing each other’s sentences. Lisey is quiet and, most notably, healed. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! I’ve said how Owen hasn’t really worked for me and the show is really not utilizing the skill sets of Joan Allen and Jennifer Jason Leigh, two of the best actresses alive, who have not been given much to challenge them here in terms of range. If you haven’t read the book, what do you think happens from here? Scott’s Epilogue

• The scene in which Scott Landon rails about editors squashing imagination in favor of realism probably struck a nerve for people who worked in that capacity with Stephen King. Lisey is trying to bring Jim into a trap to kill him. It turns out that not only can she now pretty easily travel to Boo’ya Moon but she can turn it into a parlor trick to impress her sister. Accept the gift,” is what Scott would have said. First, in another scene totally cut in the film version of this story because it adds about nothing, they need to convince the doctor to let Amanda out. Time to do some swinging, Lisey Landon. It’s a scene designed to evoke unity against a dominant male figure, but they end up quoting Scott Landon a bit too much. The doctor is apprehensive as Darla keeps commenting on all the showy photos on the wall with him and celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Al Gore. Jim Dooley is still on Amanda’s bed, looking at papers, shoes still on. She goes to Amanda instead. She knows that Darla wouldn’t believe without a demonstration. After a strong first two episodes on premiere day, the show has increasingly spun its wheels, turning 10-12 minutes of plot into 45-50 minutes of television every week. They send off the useless cop (justice for Han getting better parts!) as Jim watches that happen from the shadows. She wants him to tell Jim that she’s changed her mind and to meet in Scott’s study. Can they finally retrieve her? Back at home, Darla comes with weapons to fight Jim Dooley. Once again, “Now You Must Be Still” takes what could have happened in a few scenes and stretches it out. Julianne Moore is a phenomenal actress, but the writing has sidelined Lisey in favor of Scott too often. She brings her back a flower. “I need you both because somebody is trying to hurt me,” Lisey tells her sisters. It’s kind of a superficial take on self-harm, no? She sees Scott on the shore but knows it’s not exactly Scott. Will it play out predictably with the sisters killing Jim and moving on happily? She records a message for Jim that she’s changed her mind. Can she defeat him? • Two episodes left! For some reason, I pictured editors behind the last few The Dark Tower books watching it and rolling their eyes. Flashback to one of the more casual scenes, which is nice, between Scott and Lisey. The lighthouse turns. After all, her sister is still alive in the real world. And Scott wants to dance with his “babyluv.”

The flashback inspires their approach with Amanda’s doctor. Can it find that urgency in the final two episodes? The sisters hug. Honestly, the most fascinating performance on the show might belong to Michael Pitt, almost unrecognizable in flashbacks as Scott’s dad, but let’s hope the final two episodes give the three powerhouse women at the center of the show the spotlight. Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Flashback to Scott talking to Amanda about how she cuts herself to let out the bad. Will Lisey take him to Boo’ya Moon? Back near Lisey’s house, the sisters go out in the rain and scream into the downpour, “Let’s fucking kill him!” Well, let’s get to it. There’s a vision of her trusty shovel. Lisey writes — she knows she can’t talk here or risk being noticed by The Long Boy — “Do you still want to come home?” and “Concentrate on Scott’s study.” Amanda does just that as her sister reveals the cuts on Amanda’s arm again. Novelists are required to explain too much by editors when the world is full of unexplainable weirdness like dogs who still know where they live years after getting lost. Amanda is back. And then she disappears. It seems very possible, but the plot has moved forward so little over the last four episodes that the better question is whether anyone will care? After some On Writing lines like “Every novel is a struggle between the writer and the story,” Lisey and Darla go to see Amanda at Greenlawn. Will he fall for it? It would be so nice (although now seems impossible) if the show gave Lisey Landon a voice that wasn’t just repeating the words of her dead husband, wouldn’t it? Lisey looks into a mirror with growing intensity. Email

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Terms of Service apply. The cop who was outside Lisey’s house drives by Amanda’s and Jim avoids detection. • On that note, who are the MVPs for you this season? Tags: The writer is unhappy with some notes from the editor about realism and shows Lisey a headline about a dog who traveled miles over years to return home. Now to deal with Jim Dooley. Finally, Dane Dehaan has one register: creepy brooding. What would Scott have told him? Amanda is still watching the Hollyhocks, seeing a vision of herself playing pirate with her sisters when they were children. It works! Lisey calls Dashmiel and threatens a lawsuit if he doesn’t help with her plan.