Succession has released the trailer for its third season, and while it has 100 percent fewer Gerri and Roman psychological sex games than we would’ve liked, it’s off to the ambushed races for the extended Waystar Royco family in the aftermath of the show’s blood sacrifice: Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is hyping himself up in the mirror despite implicating his father (Brian Cox) in a series of corporate scandals, while Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) insists to Cousin Greg (tall king Nicholas Braun) that “Logan is gonna fire a million poisonous spiders down your dickie.” Shiv (sweater icon Sarah Snook) also makes an appearance spitting into a book, which we’ll give 75 minutes until it becomes Twitter’s GIF of the week. Please, say it with us as a sign of respect: Fuck off! Related

Who Is TV’s Best Dressed Rich Guy? Tags: Until then, we’ll leave you with this: “I’m gonna grind his fucking bones to make my bread.” Succession’s new season debuts in the fall.