It’s summer, the vaccines are flowing, and the country hasn’t been as ready to “Back That Azz Up” since 1999. You need to vaxx that thang up, first. Yes, it’s a shameless dating app ad, but it’s also yet another hot vaxx summer anthem, arriving right on time. Related

Vulture Asks: What’s Your All-Time Song of Summer? Can’t wait to drop it to this one in the clubs? (We’ve come a long way since when Tom Steyer backed that azz up in February 2020.) Enter “Vax That Thang Up,” a true gift of a parody PSA of Juvenile’s hit rap song, aimed at promoting vaccinations among young Black people. BLK, a dating app for Black singles, helmed the PSA, reuniting Juvenile and Mannie Fresh, with Mia X replacing Lil Wayne on the parody. Tags: “Girl you looks good, won’t you vax that thang up,” Juvenile raps as he makes the COVID-19 vaccination cards fly.