Sometimes one must admit when one is wrong. As an episode title, “Journey Into Mystery” makes a charming nod to the character’s history. 126, when it was officially renamed Thor, and Loki of course continued to guest star there throughout. Loki would eventually star in his own Journey Into Mystery (affectionately shortened to JiM) series in 2011, which laid much of the groundwork to modernize him. 85. As B-15 points out that she and Sylvie are aiming to uncover the same truths, she tells Renslayer that Sylvie will win. Sylvie believes she can enchant Alioth, who is essentially functioning as a guard dog between The Void and whatever future the Timekeepers are weaving beyond it, and thus gain access to that future. It’s unfortunately too late for Classic Loki, but it’s an impressive scene all the same, as the smoke parts to reveal the final destination of Loki, Sylvie, and the series: a journey into the mystery of an unknown future. At any rate, there is a final scene of dramatic, paired magic-working, and the two of them are able to take control of Alioth, causing the flaming-orange smoke monster to turn a brilliant emerald. This allows our Loki to reunite with Sylvie, who points out that as a Loki, he can do everything she can, even if his specialties are different. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! 83, cover dated August 1962, and Loki himself showed up only a couple of months later, in No. Boastful Loki is the most Thor-like of them, boisterous and loud, telling stories of his exploits. Because Alioth is a singular, if very large, creature, this predation is not perfect. Kid Loki, styled as a King here, killed his version of Thor. Single-minded revenge would’ve meant Renslayer dying on the spot last episode, but instead Sylvie kept her alive, pumped her for information, and fled, chasing the true goal, the mystery of the Timekeepers, beyond The Void. Marvel’s Asgardian exploits continued in that book until No. Even more surprising, Mobius lives as well! We do not, unfortunately, learn how Alligator Loki came to be; he’s treated largely as a sight gag, with the idea that one simply shouldn’t question it — of course there’s an Alligator Loki. Alioth consumes variants that are sent to The Void, devouring them and leaving behind only battered wrecks of metal and stone. Email

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Terms of Service apply. This results in a brawl that Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki, and our Loki escape from, before subsequently encountering both Mobius and Sylvie, who has recently pruned herself, after extracting the truth of pruning from Ravonna Renslayer. In last week’s episode, Loki awoke after being “pruned” (TVA parlance for erasing a variant from the timeline) to find three — excuse me, four other Lokis before him. This week’s episode is titled after the comic book that started it all for Marvel’s iteration of Norse mythology. She’s a fine foil for any Loki, really, every bit as crafty and capable as they are. Here is one the biggest divas and the most demanding actor I’ve ever had to work with, taking a break from his reign of terror to relax in his chair #alligatorloki #loki— Kate Herron (@iamkateherron) July 7, 2021

Pruning, it would seem, is not immediately fatal for Loki (any of them). We’ve known that we would see a version of Loki known as President Loki since before the show started, and those teasers certainly made the idea seem prominent! Ah, Renslayer. Classic Loki is a sadder, somber figure, having spent untold ages living in isolation rather than continue the vicious cycle of plot and failure that our Loki has slowly been awakening to. Thor first appeared in Journey Into Mystery No. While it certainly seems likely that we’ll never see Hunter C-20 again, Hunter B-15 did indeed survive the climactic brawl of last week’s episode. Why wouldn’t there be? He weaves a massive image of Asgard before Alioth, presenting a target entirely too tempting, if ephemeral. It just rolls off the tongue. Here we learn the truth: that Loki (also played by Hiddleston) is the leader of a splinter faction of Lokis stranded in The Void, who arrive to challenge Kid Loki for the throne, such as it is. MCU teaser footage has always been great at a bait and switch. Lokis are generally both of those things, and so, as of this episode, we have not just four additional Lokis, but many. When asked why, she says because Renslayer only wants to know the truth, but Sylvie needs to. Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays the character delightfully throughout the series, and this episode is no exception. It’s a question of priorities — Renslayer isn’t willing to let go of the power she wields in order to single-mindedly chase that truth, while Sylvie pointed the business end of a Hunter weapon at herself in order to find it. In fact, it’s not immediately fatal for anyone, technically; this episode reveals that when a person or place is pruned, they are sent to a place at the end of time called The Void, a broken wreck of a world preyed upon by a large, hungry cloud monster known as Alioth (pronounced similarly but not exactly like goliath). Tags: First, can we just take some time to appreciate what a great name that is? At any rate, Loki attempts to hatch a plan to kill Alioth so that they can all escape. Given that Mobius leaves The Void for the TVA, it’s a fair bet both of them will play a role in the series finale next week. The others, having been in The Void longer, laugh him out of the room, and so he sets off away from them to do the job himself, only to run into the rest of the Lokis. Loki attempts a distraction, waving a flaming short sword given to him by Kid Loki, but it’s not enough; Alioth continues to pursue Sylvie. Of course, Alioth is very large, and very hungry. The fourth, a Loki who is also an alligator, was added digitally, but does have a real-life counterpart:

Happy Episode Five “Journey into Mystery” @LokiOfficial day! Even when the Timekeepers are revealed to be robotic fakes, she holds true to her ideals, using the power of the TVA at her fingertips to maintain order so that she can figure out what the truth is. It very nearly becomes a disaster, but for the last-minute save of Classic Loki, who specializes in illusion magic. Classic Loki, resembling the art above, was played by Richard E. She’s a staunch authoritarian at every turn, continually trying to play even the most dire situations to her advantage. Loki
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Well, readers! One can flee Alioth and continue to do so, scrambling across the wreckage of the The Void, if one is smart and lucky. It’s also a move that says something about Sylvie as a character, since Renslayer pruned her entire home when she was a child. It’s a cute bit, and it sort of recalls the fact that he has used enchantment before, albeit with one of the Infinity Stones. When these first four rescue our Loki, they decamp to Kid Loki’s throne, located in a bunker underground. There, the others share their stories. This brief scene is all we see of B-15 this episode, but she did indeed survive, which is important. Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Back in the Void, the team of surviving Lokis hatch a plan. I particularly liked the scene with her and Hunter B-15 in this episode. Grant, Boastful Loki by DeObia Oparei, and Kid (or rather, King) Loki by Jack Veal.