“We were writing songs that were memorable because we had to remember them,” Macca jokes about the Beatles in the trailer, adding, “we were hippies, we just did not listen.” Good thing he didn’t. The series will premiere on July 16. We’d say cold move, but who are we kidding, they’re the drumbeats of each other’s lives. Related

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Tags: In the first trailer for McCartney 3, 2, 1, a six-part docuseries that’s seems to have been created in a laboratory for boomers, producer Rick Rubin facilitates the discussion as Paul reflects upon his five decades of herculean music stardom. Dropping this on Ringo’s birthday? As much as we love hearing untold stories about “this bloke John” and the spread of Wings, watching him shimmy along to “All My Loving” is so gosh-darn cute that we could probably watch five hours of just that.