“Gun loaders? “So, what are we dealing with?” A SWAT team member asks in the trailer. In the brand-new trailer, everyday women Connie (Bell) and Jojo (Howell-Baptiste) fall prey to everyday money woes like all-consuming debt, leading them to try organized crime. Drug dealers?” Worse: Women with a vendetta against society. Related

Kristen Bell Can Make Her Eyeballs Go All Weird

Tags: “We gotta steal these coupons and sell them to families who really need them. The Good Place’s Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste star as two extreme couponers gone rogue in Queenpins. After Connie receives dozens of free coupons when she complains about a product, she and Jojo devise a plan that grifts millions from mega-corporations. “It’s like Robin Hood,” Jojo says. That’s money in the bank.” Inspired by a true story, the coupon ring is closed in on by authorities — a loss-prevention officer (Paul Walter Hauser) and a U.S. And you would do it too for free groceries! Queenpins hits theaters September 10 and Paramount+ soon. postal inspector packing heat (Vince Vaughn) — but the women have a little help from Bebe Rexha, who plays a tech-savvy, criminal mastermind.