Cooking With Paris also marks Hilton’s second streaming project in recent months, following Peacock’s upcoming Paris in Love, set to follow Hilton’s upcoming wedding to Carter Reum. It seems modeled a bit after Selena Gomez’s recent HBO Max series Selena + Chef, which also followed a non-chef celebrity host learning cooking skills from other famous people. You could say she’s on a bit of a hot streak. Stoves. Ovens. And Paris Hilton’s upcoming Netflix cooking show, Cooking With Paris, set to hit the streamer on August 4, according to Variety. Photo: FOX/FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

You know what’s hot? The six-episode series is an adaptation of sorts of a popular January 2020 video in which Hilton teaches viewers how to make lasagna; as the outlet is sure to note, the socialite, musician, model, and entrepreneur “is not a trained chef and doesn’t really know how to cook,” but will learn with the help of some celebrity friends. Related

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