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Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! It’s her way or the highway. Perhaps the two best examples this episode are the Michaels (Angela and Natalie’s). 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? That Christmas tree isn’t going to keep your family in South Africa, Ronald, but being a responsible dad might! But instead of yelling back or hanging up, he laughs! Andrei can’t help but go too far in front of Libby’s extended family and another fight breaks out when everyone remembers Andrei straight up asked Chuck for $100,000. She kept him out of the loop at every step and disappeared the day of surgery! After a few moments on the road and telling Natalie she’d have to find her own way back to Sequim after her surgery, Mike realizes he’s acting like an ass. No, he overspends and buys flashy stuff because he thinks it’ll make them stay. I imagine Asuelu wants more kids because he is essentially a kid himself and wants people to play with, not because he is thinking about the money, logistics, or responsibility involved. I’m sure he’ll get used to his new apartment. It’s your job to get the address and look on Google Maps to check the parking situation! Does he make responsible choices at the Christmas store? Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. He simply doesn’t take the situation seriously anymore. He actually got Julia off the farm and into a very small apartment with few windows. Libby tries to say it’s not her fault, but sorry girl, it is! Angela just wanted Michael to come to America so he could take care of her brood of grandchildren and do what she says. Asuelu tells Kalani he expects them to have more kids, which I don’t think is on the mind of a woman who saw a divorce attorney only a few weeks ago. Mike and Natalie are two people who should not be together. I hope he’s finally free. Andrei certainly never has a problem standing up for himself, but it’s usually overly defensive. “Man Up or Shut Up” shows some of this season’s worst guys finally “manning” up (or at the very least, no longer being as ridiculous). •I really want to know what Natalie would’ve done if she came out to that parking lot and their car was gone. •The guy at the car dealership actually walked away when the conversation got awkward, which doesn’t normally happen on the show. I could tell that hurt Angela more than his anger. Now, let’s talk about the man we can all still complain about: Ronald. Tags: Man Up or Shut Up

Season 6

Episode 11

Editor’s Rating

5 stars



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It’s easy to complain about the men of 90 Day Fiancé. She’s trying to manufacture drama with him, and he almost fell for it. Most of them have no idea what they’re doing, or they lie, or they simply aren’t ready for the pressures of marriage. Even after Andrei gets them to a hotel safely, they still want to yell at him for Libby’s bad planning. Mike goes to the hospital to look for her and when he finds their car, he decides to just take it and drive away. I was happy to see Libby’s brother-in-law take Andrei’s side, but of course this moment of family bonding is short-lived. He doesn’t go into the hospital or try to figure out if they can tell him what’s going on. He can play Good Dad for a day in front of his mom, but is still so insecure in their relationship he can’t even stomach the idea of Tiffany asking his mom to watch the kids so they can talk. Everyone is screaming about the Airbnb and where to pull over, and he simply makes an executive decision to get the hell out of D.C. They’re constantly one-upping each other in a weird passive-aggressive game. You know who else also finally became a man this week? I think Angela’s daughter is right, Michael realized Angela would rather spend money on her makeover than on a surrogate, and his wants in the relationship don’t matter. Angela’s daughter convinces her to call and it goes exactly how you would expect: Michael barely says anything and Angela just starts screaming. Their airport reunion was so sweet. He turns around and goes back to the hospital. He immediately assumes Tiffany trash talked him when that isn’t the case! He just takes his giant blue truck and leaves! I understand this next sentence may shock some of you readers, but this week … I am firmly on Team Andrei. It’s clear Natalie has wanted to play the helpless wife to a husband who doesn’t care, but Mike does care! Maybe helping Natalie through the healing process will help these two communicate better. She can cuss, you can’t. We get a little moment with Kalani and Asuelu this week that shows us their rock-throwing recommitment ceremony may not have been very successful. Asuelu’s mom and sister have literally tried to hit Kalani, so I don’t think this is what their newly stable relationship needs. You almost see the love leave Michael’s eyes and all-consuming exhaustion just take over. This brings on the first situation Andrei controls with ease. He is tired of this woman and their fights. Of course the person trying to rent their house for a few days is going to lie! It’s like he’s constantly looking for fights and buttons to push while Tiffany is just trying to be a wife and mother. Our other Michael did a lot more than what’s right, he actually stood up for himself! Brandon! 90 Day Notes

• Jovi and Yara are back together this week!!!! Ronald still has no interest in truly growing up to support his family. No notes for my favorite couple. Never man down, Andrei. Of course, his parents hate it, but it’s perfect for them. Frankly, these two are probably only going to get more boring without the farm, but I love to see a 90 Day Fiancé man make a promise and keep it. Until he doesn’t. Of course, this double standard was obvious to anyone watching the show, or really anyone who has spent five minutes watching Angela on TV. For Mike, this is growth. This week, though, Libby’s family actually kinda deserves his harsh treatment. He didn’t play into Natalie’s plan to victimize herself. I hate anyone who calls Yara a gold digger when she so clearly loves that goofy man and his horrible work schedule. They fight over Mike’s mom again, so Natalie secretly  leaves for her surgery without telling Mike. when Libby doesn’t realize you can’t easily park an RV in D.C. To make matters worse for the couple (but great for people who love drama), Asuelu’s family lets him know they want to come visit. First of all, everyone is still stuck with this horrible RV idea, which leaves them stuck in D.C. Michael has apparently been desperate to reach out to Angela since telling his friends he still loves her. Good for him.