I’m sad the girls have broken up into cliques — I know Love Island is just one big version of high school in bikinis, but I feel like the girls are particularly split this year in a way that hasn’t existed in the past. Brad immediately tells Lucinda that she should stay because he’s had his time in the villa. When everyone returns, Liberty morphs into the ultimate wingwoman and hypes up each of the interested girls to Teddy. The producers don’t want to start an all-out war just yet, so we’ll find out the answer soon: There’s a re-coupling tonight! When Aaron confirms that he’s interested, Lucinda pretends she had absolutely no idea, despite multiple cameras confirming the exact opposite. After everyone showers off, Faye reveals that she’s scared to open up to Teddy because she doesn’t want to get hurt, even though Teddy just told her how he once got hurt by accidentally sitting on a spiked fence. The next morning, Toby cuts up honeydew into Chloe’s initials because he’s a “hopeless romant.” Toby, even melon can’t save you from the reckoning that’s coming for this couple. It’s the grossest challenge yet, and I just saw Chloe and Toby make out! • Everyone eats ice pops this week, which is some of the only food I’ve seen them eat besides cheese toasties. Today, the islanders have to carry a Sunday Roast across a platform using only their mouths and tits. These two are growing on me. Week Three (Episodes 14-19)

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By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Too bad Hugo can’t flirt even when he has someone interested in him — on the terrace, A.J. Teddy reassures her by saying he’ll let her know if he turns his head, and they make out so hard her foundation leaves the premises. said with Millie. chooses Liam at tonight’s re-coupling and Millie gets dumped. Now that they’re an official couple, Chloby seem to be glued together by the lips. Their logo is a question mark, which is fitting as it’s questionable how long Danny will last this season. Sending them on that date, fully knowing the results of this vote? Aaron, because he doesn’t want to lead Sharon on (don’t worry, I think breaking up with her really solidified that), picks Kaz for a friendship couple, while Hugo picks Sharon because he’s learned from his fillerist past. Lock this villa down — no one goes in or out. At least there’d finally be some good drama this season though! Aaron likes that she’s a chill girl, a Cool Girl, if you will. • What are those odd little purses Sharon and Kaz carried out of the villa on their dates with Danny? Love Island U.K. A.J. Lucinda has decided she’s done enough moping about Brad because it’s been at least one business day. At the recoupling, there are the usual suspects — Jake/Liberty, Liam/Millie, Toby/Chloe, and Brad/Lucinda. We’re still waiting for more drama (and I think I’m really just spoiled by Amber from season five), and a lot of the islanders are still stuck in friendship couples or have gone home to Amble. Have we all just forgotten about Lucinda’s doubts last week? The producers immediately ignore my cries and send Brad and Lucinda on a date. Liberty immediately ensures the right women — Kaz, Rachel, Sharon and Faye — are chosen to go on speed dates, while the Naughty Trio is left to mark their territory with their respective boys. and very specific parts of the U.S. King, please don’t mess this up, all of the U.K. As their prize, the boys get a 28-year-old hair technician named A.J. You had one chance — finally, one chance! They would risk it all for this senior financial consultant, and I really can’t blame them: he’s the first real man we’ve had here (sorry, Hugo). She is the mother I never had, she is the sister everybody would want, she is the friend that everybody (but especially Kaz) deserves. Everything. Finally, a reward worth fighting for! Liam seems pretty loyal to her, but this could all be messed up if A.J. This leaves Teddy to choose between Faye and Rachel, and he selects Faye because of their “naughty tension.” Rachel has to go home, which is sad because we won’t get to see her beautiful walk anymore. Sharon’s looked like a toolbox, and she didn’t even get to bring it into the date! Liberty, Kaz, and Faye2. Let me just say: Liberty is some of the best casting this season. Because Kaz is a top-tier contestant, Kaz and Aaron are saved despite being a friendship couple, as are Jake/Liberty, Millie/Liam, and Faye/Teddy. The girlies absolutely crush giant flip cup, but the boys conquer a game of Throw-the-Engagement-Ring-Onto-the-Inflatable-Penis. To cheer her up, the producers decide it’s time for a boys-versus-girls challenge, and the winner gets a new islander of the opposite sex. are counting on you. This is Brad’s first date ever, and they talk about how his head couldn’t possibly be turned like it was the other three times. Cool Girl is hot. Producers, please issue a Code Red and Stop. But she says that though she used to compare herself to girls everyday, she’s learned to love her personality and can fully be herself around Jake. Kaz gets her revenge for last week by interrupting Chloe’s conversation with Teddy and subsequently flirting for her life. Email

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google
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Terms of Service apply. is fed up with Hugo’s antics and starts aggressively pursuing Liam. She’s basically only left with Hugo, who just told Sharon he sees her just as a little sister in one of the villa’s most awkward conversations to date. Millie dresses as a sexy nurse and massages Liam’s back, spilling more lube onto this poor, poor bed. launch his high-end clothing company called Kramclo. Let’s get into it. The next day, A.J. Rightfully, Chloe is mad because if he really liked her, he wouldn’t care about what other people think. Cool Girl never gets mad about fillers. Cool Girl is game. The producers decide the women have been punished enough for their challenge loss, and they decide to release the man they’ve been keeping locked up since yesterday. • Jake likes to have sex to T-Pain’s “I’m Sprung.”

• Running count of Olivia Rodrigo references: three (two songs, one mention when Hugo said he wanted to be “happy and healthy” in five years)

Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! Teddy flirts so hard with each and every woman that I truly cannot tell who he’s leaning toward; all I know is that I’m a little hot under the collar. Maybe she’s just waiting for another man to walk in and become obsessed with her. Is that the new chic way to hold your mic pack? ITV, here’s your new mental-health spokeswoman. Hugo, evidently, is not smart enough to take the hint, despite being a literal teacher. Give us the drama that this season needs! Toby has finally realized that the public thinks his relationship is grosser than the villa’s makeup room after a getting-ready montage. Dead Tings

• Whenever Liam and Millie kiss, the editors play an acoustic cover of a decidedly weird song — one time it was “What’s Up” and another it was “Mr. Until the next dumping for those two! I hope you find love with one of the many women in your Instagram DMs right now. Love Island has already hurt Black women so much you’d think they’d do a background check on their contestants, but guess not! That night, Chloe/Toby (Chloby) and Liam/Millie (Lillie) decide to sleep on the daybeds so they can have some privacy (save for the 12 cameras pointed toward them at all times). Lucinda has been crying all day and night, and Millie wipes away her tears with some leftover toilet paper. Danny selects Kaz and Sharon for dates, and they both chat about his ambitions to do something other than plumbing, a.k.a. She says she would kiss him if he wasn’t with Millie, and he awkwardly laughs before immediately gossiping about everything A.J. whose fake eyelashes look as though they’re going to leap off her face and flutter away at any moment. Brad and Lucinda are voted least compatible, and the producers are really just evil geniuses aren’t they? This is a delicate ecosystem, and we don’t want anything upsetting the balance. She only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner and couples up to win 50,000 pounds. Dude, it was going 10 mph and would have ended at first base. — and you ruined it. Literally everyone else

This week, we’ve seen Lib develop her best friendship with Kaz and her relationship with Jake, watched Kaz wear some absolutely killer outfits, and heard Faye make some of the only funny comments in this villa. tells him she wished she had kissed him harder during today’s inane challenge, and Hugo doesn’t catch that softball. They could even threaten Liberty and Jake’s place as resident bimbo couple! Can we get a bottle of setting spray on hand, please? There’s only so much we can help you. Where are all the cries of girl code when you need them? She immediately targets single boys Aaron and Hugo and — breaking news — says she’s excited to get to know Hugo. Toby makes up with Kaz to boost his popularity and get back his impending Tinder partnership, and, after a brief fight, Chloby makes up too. Tags: The next morning, Chloe tells the Naughty Trio that soccer player Toby has a 12th man in his pants, if you know what I mean. Great — he’s already proved those right! Wingwoman Kaz promises she’ll see what Hugo’s thinking, and we can only pray that Hugo is smart enough to take the bait. Let’s Get Grafting

A huge hunk of man meat named Teddy has just entered the villa, and the ladies have lost all sense of dignity. Yes, Faye! tries to put the moves on Teddy, but he lets her know that he’s pretty happy with Faye. Kaz approaches him and asks him about Sharon, and he says the relationship is platonic. There are three main buckets of Love Island challenges — the striptease, the secrets reveal, and the gross food challenge — and we’ve finally reached the third and most hated type of challenge. On the other side of the villa, Liberty feels the same way as Faye. Hugo, I can’t do this anymore. The next morning, Sharon issues a life-changing proclamation: she could see herself being interested in Hugo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afterward, Lucinda tells the girls she’s catching some feelings despite Brad’s talkative side. After lots of tears — from Brad, Lucinda, and even Jake — Brad leaves, and Faye pulls a Theo, saying Lucinda should have gone with him if she really came to the show looking for love. I know it’s tradition, but I don’t know why the show still does these disgusting challenges — the most dramatic ones are where we read mean tweets about the islanders, not ones where I see Aaron projectile-vomit pesto sauce into Kaz’s mouth. His name is Danny, and the shaved head and tattoos are kind of giving me skinhead vibes. There’s a dumping tonight! Production, please separate them — if not, the British public will! In a ranking of absurd reality television challenges, Love Island stands only behind Wipeout, and I’d love to see Jake fight for his life on those giant red balls. The British public have voted on the most compatible couple, and it’s not looking good for Chloby. The bottom three couples — Sharon/Hugo, Chloe/Toby, and Brad/Lucinda — are at risk of being dumped, and the couple with the least amount of votes will have to send one of their members home. I’m breaking up with you. Brightside.” Are they the least favorite production couple? Oops, spoiler alert maybe? The devil works hard, but Love Island works harder. We’re three weeks in, and here’s my ranking of the islanders thus far:

1. We’ll see on Sunday!! • These girlies really need face powder — for the second time this season, someone’s foundation was transferred to a guy’s face while they were making out. Liam lets her know that Aaron fancies her, and Lucinda immediately pulls him for a chat. I still can’t tell who Teddy really likes — he’s having conversations with Faye, Sharon, and Rachel, and saying all the right things to each of them. Because they spat the most food in each other’s mouths, that night Liam and Millie get a night in the Hideaway. Liberty Self-Confidence PSA when? She admits to Chloby that though she’s caught “a little bit of feels” for Jake, she’s worried about getting hurt.