Let the Montero Cinematic Universe Begin

Do the Christian Thing and Return Your Lil Nas X Satan Shoes, Company Asks

Tags: His mullet-wigged public defender doesn’t know his name, and calls him “Lil Nasty.” The prosecutor, holding the offending sneaker, asks, “Do you mama knew you gay?” When Lil Nas X takes the stand and answers in the affirmative, the jury member played by Lil Nas X says, “Lock him up, throw away the key.” Then Lil Nas X gets sentenced to do time in Montero State Prison, and the credits roll, revealing that this has all been a hilarious, Baroque promo for his new single, “Industry Baby.” The video also reveals that the track will feature Jack Harlow, and is produced by Kanye West and the musical duo Take a Daytrip. We should have known from the start when Lil Nas X posted a hilarious homage to the piece of classic-cinema history known as crying TikTok girl that he didn’t actually “have court on Monday over Satan shoes and might go to jail.” It was a days-long troll, leading up to a hilarious video he posted today called “[WATCH LIVE] Nike v. It’s the best courtroom sequence since the Legally Blonde perm scene. Call it The Trial of the Lil Nas X 5. Lil Nas X — Satan Shoes Trial.” The two-minute video is a comedy sketch in which Lil Nas X plays himself, a judge, a jury member, and both the prosecuting and defending lawyers, Klumps-style.