And is there any greater risk than tossing out an enthusiastic double thumbs-up not knowing if it will be reciprocated? He tells Jessie to “mind her head” at the doorway. Treasure it always. And by the look of her triumphant run down the aisle as she soaks in the applause, she knows it. Roommates Who Get Each Other Are the Best RoommatesJessie’s roommate Kate (Emma Sidi) doesn’t even have to look behind her when she hears Jessie dancing to “Return of the Mack.” She knows exactly what that means, and that kind of roommate connection is hard to find these days. She opens her arms wide. and a hop off to her room from Jessie, the title card drops, ending this perfect opening to an episode of television. She did it, friends. This is a high-five of understanding and solidarity and celebration. This move typically has zero swagger attached to it, but here, the swagger is infinite. But friends, that doesn’t happen here. Solo Bridge DanceAs if Jessie would just walk the rest of the way home in a normal manner after that — she’s dancing the whole way home! Thank You, Starstruck EditorsWith a final YES! Tags: High Fives for All!But especially for this woman out for her morning run. Suck it, HatersYou know, the Suck It Crotch Slam is simply not used enough these days, and God, if this post has any type of legacy, I hope it’s that of women reclaiming the move for themselves. Let’s cherish the entire thing, but I’d be remiss to not point out that high kick. This woman saw Jessie’s suck it and recognizes the exuberance inherent in low-stakes coitus. We’ve all been there. This is feminism. The absolute perfect song choice of Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack”! Thank You, Kind Sir.An older gentleman tosses Jessie a finger gun and she acknowledges his approval by way of a tip of the fake hat. But this isn’t amateur hour — Jessie and this dude agree that they’ll probably never see each other again, and they both feel great about that. Bouncing Off the WallThe no-strings attached sex has filled Jessie with so much good-vibe energy that she has no way to expend it all except, perhaps, to attempt a run up an actual wall. Jessie has just had no-strings-attached sex. The exhilaration! In this moment, she is invincible. This includes her solo dance party on the canal bridge. Jessie and this woman do not need to verbally communicate. And it is here when Jessie becomes our One True Queen. The Purest JoyLet that elusive feeling of unadulterated joy wash over you, folks. The ConfirmationListen, you can’t just be out here not confirming that what you’re hoping is casual sex with zero emotional baggage is actually casual sex with zero emotional baggage. Many a relationship has started by making that mistake. The crowd participation! She would never take this feeling for granted. May you watch this scene 300 times. Photo: Mark Johnson/BBC/Avalon UK

Approximately 45,000 television shows may have aired when 2021 is all said and done, but I don’t care: The most joyous 99 seconds of television we’ll get over these 12 months have already happened, and they are without a doubt Jessie’s (Rose Matafeo) walk-of-no-shame public-celebration dance sequence after a one-night stand in the opening of Starstruck’s second episode. Honestly, every moment of it is perfect, but here are the second-by-second highlights. Vitamin-C BreakHow blessed is this stranger to have Jessie chug her orange juice while performing perfect hip rolls directly in front of her? They’ve clearly had a one-night stand, and their good-bye is suitably awkward. She did it. It’s a show built to bring us joy, and there’s no better example of that than this minute-and-a-half-long sequence. It’s nice. The Art of the Chair DanceNow she is straddling a chair backward and giving it a lap dance? All six episodes of its first season — which follows Jessie and Tom as they fall for each other over the course of a year — are wonderfully smart, silly, and swoony. If only every brunch came with this kind of table service. The Final BowNot to be dramatic, but never in the history of the world has anyone or anything deserved to take a bow as much as Jessie does after completing her assault of joy on this group of unsuspecting eaters. She beams. That kind of rejection can change a person. He seems fine. The Entire Restaurant Is in This NowHow great not only to be riding that high from good sex but then to get an entire restaurant to vicariously ride that high too? It’s Called Mutual Respect, Okay?As the old saying goes, with great risk comes great reward. Such power Jessie wields. Only a person with the confidence of a woman who has just had a good lay could attempt and succeed at such a feat. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. We’re Swinging From Pergolas NowWho among us has not wanted to swing from the beams of a restaurant pergola while unsuspecting brunch patrons watch in awe? If you haven’t yet watched HBO Max’s delightful Notting Hill–esque rom-com, in which normal human Jessie sleeps with Tom Kapoor (Nikesh Patel) without realizing he’s a famous actor, do yourself a favor. Not today. That “Return of the Mack” beat hits. Yes, Jessie (Rose Matafeo) absolutely deserves our applause. The Initial Post-Sex Good-byeThe scene opens on a sunny London morning as some rando leads our hero (in every sense of the word) out of his canal boat. THIS IS FEMINISMThere is so much joy and admiration here that Jessie and the runner turn toward each other one last time and triumphantly shake their arms in the air. She is not great at it. Jessie deploys it perfectly here, partly because of the joyous energy, partly because her suck it seems to be directed toward all the haters everywhere, and those haters truly deserve to be told that they can suck it. You deserve it. But things are about to get interesting.