The song arrives as the first single from the singer-songwriter’s third album Everything Is Changing, set for release in the fall. Stay tuned to see if he drops the whole album from space too. In other words, it’s a Silicon Valley tech bro’s wet dream. “This life is what you make it, but it’s out of your control,” Khalid croons over one of his go-to groovy, moody pop-R&B beats. Related

Khalid Takes a Stunning Left Turn on His Sophomore Album Free Spirit

Tags: The R&B star released his new single “New Normal” on July 21, ten days after the song first premiered in space on billionaire Richard Branson’s descent to earth, and also on Earth during the festivities around his Virgin Galactic launch (which, we know, was so last week). Khalid has come back down to earth, and things have changed a bit. And of course, by the end of the video, Khalid sees a billboard for 90-minute flights to space, with volunteers wanted. Now, a new music video for the song finds Khalid exploring a changed Earth — the titular new normal, if you will — that includes spacey-looking vans, on-demand drone delivery, and Playstation–powered plant-watering systems.