Now he is taking his de-escalation techniques to the world of romantic exes with a new unscripted dating series called Ex-Rated. Watch with your partner if you dare. Ex-Rated premieres its eight-episode run on August 12 on Peacock. As Peacock puts it, “The series challenges adult singles of all ages and backgrounds to face raw, candid feedback on everything from their personality to sexual prowess and relationship skills in order to find out where they went wrong and how they can improve.” You know — an actual nightmare. There’s a cuddling workshop, something horrifically called an “oral rating,” and relationship expert Shan Boodram. Rather, it’s sort of a dating series. In the trailer, Cohen has ex-sexual and -romantic partners confront each other on camera about all of their hang-ups, like some sort of newlywed game in reverse. Andy Cohen is a masterful moderator. He can handle a Kardashians reunion or a Housewives feud with a deft ease that only sort of reminds us of those parts of The Hunger Games where Stanley Tucci interviews the contestants before sending them off to kill each other. Related

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