She embraces Ben’s annoyingness and feels herself falling out of love with him. Tags: There are lots of plot points established in this episode that we can expect to play a central role in the last two episodes: Nalini’s new boyfriend, Kamala’s love triangle with Prashanth and Mr. Overall, this episode is strong but serves more of a move-the-story-along purpose. Once again, Never Have I Ever’s unique approach to TV tropes pays off. Kulkarni instead challenges her to continue hanging out with Ben until she’s not in love with him anymore. It’s the first tell that maybe Ben isn’t as over Devi as he seemed to be this whole time. The solution is temporary but effective, and honestly? Oh boy. “You can’t see it from my house and I don’t want my mom to flip out that I rode home with you” she tells him. In this installment of Never Have I Ever, when her class runs a simulation putting Daisy on trial for the murder of Jay Gatsby, Devi is poetically forced to play the role of Daisy Buchanan. I’m taking notes, that’s a genius strategy. Jackson. Email

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Terms of Service apply. Kulkarni’s suggestion to Devi is more sensible: keep going back to your ex until you get tired of them. Oof, messy! Is there one, even? This plot point is particularly endearing for the way it spins the advice young people typically receive about still being in love with their ex: cut them off, never talk to them again, if you falter then you’re weak, etc. This is how a lot of Indian matriarchs function: showing any sort of vulnerability is seen as weak and therefore discouraged. Devi pleads to her English teacher to change her group, insisting that she can’t stand to be around her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, both of whom she is supposed to be on cordial terms with. With a GUY. As Paxton and Devi reach her house, Devi asks him to pull up by a fire hydrant. Though she tries to hide it from her family, they start getting suspicious of her vague excuses and flimsy alibis. Mr. As he says, “distance makes the heart grow fonder, and proximity  makes the heart want to barf.”

To Devi’s surprise, it works perfectly. Forced to work with Ben and Aneesa, the school’s newest “It” couple, Devi must find a way to keep her pent-up rage at bay while also being scholastically productive, but finds it impossible to ignore Ben and Aneesa constantly having their tongue down each other’s throats. Devi and Fabiola perfectly capture what it’s like to be in the sticky position of watching someone you love suffer but not wanting to alienate them. It’s hilariously ironic that Nalini is hiding from her family behind the exact same fire hydrant that Devi hides behind. But, to their surprise, there is another car at the fire hydrant. Ranjita Chakravarty continues to be a showstopper, the energy she brings to all of her scenes is unmatched. “She’s flighty and unstable and throws away a man for no good reason” Aneesa says of Daisy Buchanan and, indirectly, Devi. Mr. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! When Ben, Aneesa, and Devi lose their in-class competition after Aneesa loses the note cards for her speech, Ben gets visibly upset with his girlfriend, our first indication that there might be trouble in paradise. When Devi looks over, she notices her mom sitting in the passenger side seat. Something is different about the way he looks at Devi when Aneesa isn’t around, though. We as a society have been conditioned to dismiss the messy emotions of teenagers, but no one in Devi’s life makes her feel bad for how she feels about Ben; instead, they give her realistic solutions to deal with her feelings. As is expected of hopelessly romantic adolescents, she makes poor excuses for his behavior. What’s the right way to tell your friend that they are a victim? Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Her new boyfriend Malcolm has become increasingly verbally hostile, and when Fabiola finds suggestive texts on Malcolm’s phone, Devi and Fabiola confront Eleanor about her (potentially unfaithful) boyfriend. Kulkarni, Ben and Aneesa’s seemingly imminent break up, Devi’s ever present Ben-or-Paxton dilemma, Eleanor’s romantic mishap, and the rift between Devi’s friends that romantic mishap has caused. Mr. This culminates in Eleanor telling Devi and Fabiola off, calling them jealous and bitter, and declaring their friendship over. There are smaller subplots peppered throughout the episode that foreshadow what to expect down the season’s home stretch. Even though she’s only on screen for a few seconds at a time, her charisma sucks you right in. Nalini would rather formulate elaborate stories to relay to her family than have an honest conversation with them about her feelings and desire to date again. Then again, Nalini’s the one who decided to raise Devi in a household that stigmatizes dating and sex. Never Have I Ever
…been Daisy Buchanan

Season 2

Episode 8

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3 stars



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A Great Gatsby–themed episode checks all the boxes for a teen-centric romcom: complicated love affairs, yearning for the attention of someone who doesn’t want you, having to watch the person you’re in love with be with someone else, etc. In an unexpectedly sincere moment, Devi apologizes to Ben for cheating on him. Nalini starts sneaking off at night to god-knows-where, presumably to hang out with Dr. Eleanor takes center stage in a B-story that highlights another pertinent issue for young people: emotionally abusive relationships. etc. In a hilarious and light-hearted attempt to help Devi out, Kamala brings their grandmother to Devi’s study session, forcing Aneesa to pull back on her PDA because she’s dedicated to maintaining the chaste and innocent view of herself that Devi’s family has. She’s bound by her own parameters and therefore has to hide her new boyfriend, despite being a full-grown adult. And Devi and Paxton have a solemn heart-to-heart in his car where she tells him, quite frankly, that he isn’t trying as hard as he could be in school. Kulkarni and Kamala seem to have a budding romance, which is inconvenient given that she has reason to believe Prashanth is planning on proposing to her soon. When Ben asks if it’s been hard for her to be around Aneesa, she tells him he deserves someone as cool as Aneesa.