PEN15 Goes Deeper in Season 2

Tags: “Jacuzzi,” season two, episode eight, sees friends Anna and Maya go on vacation to Florida with Anna’s dad, Curtis (Taylor Nichols), where, according to a press release, they are “introduced to new crippling insecurities. The girls try to ignore them, but a mystical turn makes their self-doubt impossible to forget.” The episode was written by co-creator Konkle and directed by Big Time in Hollywood, FL creators Dan Schimpf and Alex Anfanger, who surely know their way around the episode’s setting. It picks up after the midseason finale of season two, which hit Hulu in September 2020 and left Maya (Maya Erskine) torn up by her split from Gabe (Dylan Gage), and Anna (Anna Konkle) torn between her divorcing parents. Photo: Hulu

Really putting the “pen” into PEN15, Hulu will release an animated special episode on August 27. Six more installments of season two are set to follow after the animated special, though Hulu hasn’t announced a release date.