Deadline reports that LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish are in talks to star in an adaptation of the Haunted Mansion, the spooky theme-park attraction that dates back to 1969. This time, Disney has tapped Dear White People writer-director Justin Simien to direct, which is promising. But wake us from our eternal slumber when Disney does the real work: stunt-casting the hitchhiking ghosts. Photo: Getty Images

Jungle Cruise (and its exclusively gay moment) hasn’t even swashbuckled its way onto screens yet, and Disney is already planning its next cinematic adaptation of a theme-park attraction. The studio previously tried to adapt the ride in 2003 with a film starring Eddie Murphy, but that movie ended up being more of a Country Bears than a Pirates of the Caribbean, if you know what we mean (we mean it flopped). Related

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