Then, he did a full costume change out of the suitcases, donning his Call Me If You Get Lost–era fur cap before launching into “Corso.” From there, he rode a boat onstage like it was a mechanical bull, “floated” on clouds above the stage, and set off some pyrotechnics, all while cycling through songs from this latest album as well as earlier tracks from Flower Boy, Goblin, and Wolf. For his feature-film-length Saturday night set at Lollapalooza in Chicago, the rapper came out dressed as a bellhop, an image he hinted at in his “Lemonhead” video. No one’s giving visuals, giving story line, giving fashion and aesthetic, giving cheeky riffs on the mythified signifiers of an older Eurocentric leisure class and its habits of conspicuous consumption like him. Related

Tyler, the Creator Has Come Full Circle

Tags: His current album’s central alter ego Tyler Baudelaire drove the show, but midway through, he pulled out his Igor wig and went to town. No one’s giving, full-stop, the way Tyler, the Creator is. Now that the festival has canceled DaBaby’s Sunday-night slot, it should just do an encore screening of this. No one is giving live performance like Tyler, the Creator is.