Joe Pera, Human Weighted Blanket, Made a Relaxing New Special for You

Tags: And now, just in time for a renewed descent into overwhelming uncertainty surrounding public health, he has announced a third season of Joe Pera Talks With You. So, like, maybe right after Halloween, when we’re the most scared? Good news:— Joe Pera (@JosephPera) August 3, 2021

Perhaps no one has done more to further the cause of staying calm, generally, than Joe Pera, who just last year gave us a book and a comedy special that sought to offer anxious folks in both bathrooms and non-bathrooms respite from an increasingly chaotic world. (It’s important to me that you know this dog’s real name is Fitzgerald William.) The video declares that the new season will be premiering “this fall.” It’s not clear when in the fall it will be, but hopefully it will show up right when we need it most. Pera announced the news on Twitter in a very pleasant video featuring Gus the basset hound sleeping on a cozy armchair.