Alina has a solid network of friends who are clearly looking out for her, though, so I’m not too worried. Ari has two men out here looking stupid. It’s weird and hypocritical, and it’s odd that Ari and Leandro teamed up over it. Obviously, Ari intended to keep it a secret that Leandro stayed with her, so she had to tell him not to mention it! If they got married a year ago, that means they split up soon after, and Corey started hooking up with Jenny. Of course, this only raises more questions about why these two are even together. Look at everything going on: Ellie is flying into the wreckage left behind from a Category 5 hurricane! The fact that Corey and Evelin felt the need to hide their marriage is probably a clue they shouldn’t have another wedding. It’s absolutely weird that Steven thinks staying in separate places is better than staying in a place with two bedrooms. But then Sumit’s lawyer told her that it was only light fraud: She wouldn’t actually have to be a missionary or do anything to get the visa under this rule. He invites his ex-girlfriend to join them for dinner. Of course, Kenny is homesick; he’s a grandpa! Alina has 90 days in Turkey to figure out that she’s way out of Steven’s league, and hopefully she will. It’s nice that Sumit isn’t forcing this on her, and she explored the religion alone, but it was so clearly never a realistic option. Even Evelin confirms they were broken up when Corey dated Jenny, so who cares if he called her his girlfriend? This only makes me more irritated that she’s insisting Corey spend tons of money on the wedding when this is clearly just a ceremony for her family. Well, it so happens that’s not true at all! Absolutely. Ari brought Leandro to Ethiopia because of her insecurities, and so it is only fair that Bini would react in the same way. 90 Day Notes

• Kenny, Armando … look, I love you both, but we just need to embrace that there is very little to no drama in your story! See, Bini is the third wheel to Ari and Leandro, and that’s why they team up on him to ask his ex why they broke up and if he cheated. So far, we’ve had a steady stream of entertaining moments, genuine heartbreak, and craziness! Jenny visits the temple, and it turns out that getting a missionary visa requires actually being a missionary! He refuses, but he still won’t tell her the truth: He will never choose marriage over his parents. I’m more interested in seeing where the wedding goes, but I am so happy Armando has gone from not even wanting to hold hands in public to demanding a fireworks display of their names across the skies of Mexico. Steven is so weird! Then, as Evelin said, they only resumed their relationship because they were forced into quarantine together. Tags: I agree with Bini’s decision to ask him about it man to man. She seemed so fed up in the premiere; I didn’t think she’d go along with this Hare Krishna idea at all. She’s trying to make the bed to impress him, and Bini clearly sees all of this. • Ellie’s friend yelling “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” when Ellie leaves for Colombia was hilarious. Ari wakes up beaming ear to ear at the simple THOUGHT of making Leandro coffee. That man is ready to steal Bini’s family. • Every young girl should absolutely have a friend who’s willing to help you catfish an ex. That being said, she was absolutely right to reject Corey’s sister’s prom dress. No, but honestly, that’s on Ari! And if we are talking fraud, I simply must include Evelin. In fact, Ari wasn’t even comfortable with Bini working with his ex! And to the credit of this season’s editors, they aren’t even editing out the drama or saving it until mid-season. It doesn’t matter what his astrologer or anyone else says; Sumit’s allegiance is to his parents, and Jenny doesn’t seem to realize it. I suspect she won’t be there long. What else did she tell him to keep a secret? Bini straight up fought Ari’s ex-husband! It’s odd he’s asked if he could date other women. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way
Fight for Love

Season 3

Episode 3

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5 stars



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Is it really possible the first three episodes of this season’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way have all been truly five-star worthy? Corey, I respect your hustle, but no woman wants to wear a hand-me-down prom dress on her repeat-wedding day. Bini’s ex has nothing to prove! Pretty soon, he’ll have to tell Jenny he lied about everything and never planned on making his parents angry. He just watched his wife cry over this man and say she always thought they’d get back together. Email

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By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. I absolutely felt like Leandro was lying to Bini about sleeping with her. But, Kenny, you are an hour-and-a-half drive from San Diego, and you have adult children who can make the flight from Florida! Then there’s the devolving mess that is Ari and Bini. Leandro defends Ari and says it’s a fair question if Bini can ask him about cheating, but these aren’t the same things at all! Did he need to put the man in a body lock that almost made him cry? Bini isn’t inviting his ex to live with them or saying she’ll always be part of his life! Jenny considered visa fraud to stay in India! 90 Day Fiancé is simply at its best when it’s giving us fighting, fraud, and infidelity, and “Fight for Love” has it all. When she told him it was an option, it looked like someone slapped Sumit with a bag of bricks. This week we discover that Evelin, who is quoted as basically saying, I’ve been disgusted by the idea of marriage my entire life and never planned on having a wedding, is already married to Corey! Leandro clearly still has feelings for her and either knew he was stepping into a tense situation or thought Bini was oblivious. I am a huge fan of Alina’s scam to see if Steven is a cheater. This could have been normal and a way to make sure Leandro doesn’t feel like a third wheel, but that’s not the case. For years now, we’ve watched Jenny beg Sumit to marry her so she can stay in India. It’s odd, though, because he does tell the audience at home that in every interview. At the same time, Ellie is so silly for flying to a hurricane-ravaged country during a pandemic. Yet when Jenny pushes him, he makes it seem like there’s a vague reason that’s forcing them to wait. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
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