Until he wasn’t. He seemed to be in true Larry David form: skeptical but also enjoying the spectacle of it all. Larry David sitting front row at the Staud show during New York Fashion Week. To my right was a giant, shimmering lemon the size of a car. “Larry is a friend!” said Staud founder and designer Sarah Staudinger, who got a good laugh out of the videos and photos of him plugging his ears. Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows


Larry David and Alan Dershowitz are Beefing on Martha’s Vineyard

Tags: About midway through the show, I watched him pick up his hands and plug his ears. “I hope he liked the collection! (Not sure how that got on the roof?)

In my direct line of sight was none other than Larry David, beloved schmuck and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm. But I think our New Balance sneakers are more his speed.” Hope to see you next season, Larry. “I am so grateful and appreciative that he came and for his support,” she added. He sat front row with his long skinny legs crossed and his hands folded on his knees in a gesture of (what I read as) slight awkwardness and impatience. (It was very loud.) And because it’s hard to hold up your hands for an extended period of time, eventually, he leaned over and rested his elbows on his knees, not looking up as one model after another strutted past him. It was around 7 p.m., and I was at the Staud show on the roof of Spring Studios in Tribeca. Michelangelo himself couldn’t have sculpted a more perfect curmudgeon pose. Legends only. I watched him talk emphatically with the people next to him, who included Jared Leto. It was pretttty pretttty funny to behold, and I caught it all on video. An Instagram-famous dog and alleged “gay icon” wearing a pink tulle outfit was seated in front of me looking absolutely terrified. “He definitely isn’t a usual at New York Fashion Week, but who wouldn’t want Larry in the front row?” David was seated in the same row as Staudinger’s fiancé, Ari Emanuel, a Hollywood powerhouse and David’s agent. (Cue the Curb music.)

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Afterward, the question on everyone’s mind (and probably Larry David’s mind too) was: Why the heck was Larry David at a fashion show??? Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

The highlight of my New York Fashion Week happened in the final hour this season.