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Kampf! “This little snippet I got from friends all over the world and my reaction was laughter. Kampf! “We both know that the world is full of ignorants and stupidos, one more or less, who cares,” the German explained. Related

Jimmy Fallon Takes a Chance on Up-and-Coming Comedian Dave Grohl

Tags: The only thing that annoys me a bit is that this 1969-made piece is a milestone in at least European free music history.” Brötzmann also expressed confusion as to why “a serious TV station” would air such an “out-of-order-joke.” The network that brought us Homonym isn’t sure either. In response to Fallon likening the sounds of his 1969 album Nipples to “a Guitar Center on a busy Saturday,” Brötzmann, a saxophonist and clarinetist, told Rolling Stone that he doesn’t concern himself with jokes from hosts who don’t have Emmys. Kampf! Peter Brötzmann (left) and unidentified comic. Several days after a September 7 Tonight Show segment ridiculed the work of prominent free-jazz musician Peter Brötzmann both aurally and visually, Jimmy Fallon is now feeling the wrath of the umlauted legend.