— Kehlani (@Kehlani) September 14, 2021


Kehlani Is Ready to Give You Something to Talk About

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Winter is coming and so is Kehlani. ⏳ welcome to my world. “Coming out of the rubble of It Was Good Until It Wasn’t and into the light, on to the road,” they said on Twitter, along with the official album trailer. The Oakland singer has officially announced their third album, Blue Water Road. Kehlani is back, and we just have one question, courtesy of @tylerwells_ in the replies: “Is this going to bring out my seasonal depression or cure it???”

BLUE WATER ROAD the album.coming this winter. “Let’s have fun.” The teaser sees a broken and battered Kehlani emerge into a new world, one where Mother Nature seems a little less forgiving. It’s Kehlani’s road; we just walk it. Since, they’ve released the ultimate collaboration with T-Pain, remixing “Buy U A Drank,” and were featured on “Ur Best Friend,” by Kiana Ledé. The project, born out of songs they recorded for the It Was Good Until It Wasn’t deluxe, will arrive over a year after their sophomore album, which had a timely disaster theme for cover art.