He’s using all of his power not to have sex with Alina, and she will not budge on this separate apartment issue. There’s no reason for an adult to throw their bags down in an airport and leave them on the ground! They don’t need Ari and Biniyam-level drama to be interesting. They’re tired of it, and I’m not surprised they asked Ari point-blank about her intentions. Corey looks so happy and close to tears repeating what the pastor says. • Evelin is just torturing Corey for dating someone else. I don’t care if Ari swears she’s not Bini’s other ex who ran away with their kid. It was a childish prank to disgust him, and Corey doesn’t deserve that treatment. • I get hives whenever Steven talks in that cutesy voice and asks for “one more” kiss. Perhaps the only person who hates their partner more than Evelin is Ari, who spends the episode mostly having a heart-to-heart with her ex-husband. Terms & Privacy Notice
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• Bini’s sisters said, “I don’t care if she only stayed with you for two days! Ari constantly threatens Bini and his sisters with the idea of going back to America with their kid. I am sure Steven’s actions will force Alina to remove the rose-colored glasses that make him seem attractive to her. Alina stood firm: They’re staying at the same place. Maybe Corey and Evelin don’t even seem like they like each other on camera, but there was always a chance that their decision to run and elope was based on love! Tags: You can cheat in two days!” I love them. I would be the person walking out behind him, rolling my eyes and groaning as I step around his bags! I honestly don’t even remember the actual plot of Steven and Alina’s story in this episode because I was so irritated by him. Watching their families slowly come together feels realistic and intimate. I would be the person in the Airbnb they’re sharing with other adults going, “Why the hell is this kid jumping in the pool with all of his clothes on?!” If I were Alina, I’d be embarrassed by everything Steven is doing in public. Also, Ari did not look moved by Bini’s speech at all. As a picky eater who hates fatty textures, I wanted to scream for Corey when they tricked him into eating penis soup. It turns out Corey’s visa was expiring, and the only way for him to stay in Ecuador was to get married. Last week I said producers were desperately looking for something to create drama in their story, but this week captured what makes them so great. This only adds to my theory that Ari went and had the baby she wanted so she could turn around and just make Leandro a stepdad. For those of us who’ve followed them from the beginning, that hug between Kenny and Armando’s father was HUGE. I’d rank their love as “Real Enough.” Victor isn’t a blatant scammer faking affection, but it also seems like he’s just a really charming guy taking advantage of a situation. The footage of the wedding is so bleak. Classic Corey and Evelin. Ari also reveals that she and Leandro broke up because she wanted kids, and he didn’t. The only downside to Ari’s plan is that her child already has a father, and his family would very much like to keep Avi in their lives. He’s trying to make it work with Evelin and give her the wedding of her dreams, and her family treats him like this?! Since Sumit is still just telling Jenny the same lie, we can just skip over them. That woman hates you! My professional assessment after years of watching 90 Day Fiancé? As I discussed with Shaun Robinson and Nicole Byer, this is a dangerous state to be in. That isn’t the case at all. I don’t care how much Ari and Bini talk through their issues; the fact remains that Ari is simply not happy, and that’s why even Leandro knows she wants to get out of Ethiopia. She then immediately regrets her decision. Evelin’s sisters hate Corey, but he doesn’t force Evelin to marry him. Okay, let’s focus on the couples that give me faith so I can remember what’s at the heart of this series: Love. My degree in 90 Day Fiancé also clarifies this: Ellie, like so many before her on the show, is dick-matized. Ellie sees him as her soulmate and would give him anything. She’s so worried he’s going to cheat, she can’t see past her insecurity. Beyond the secrets he’s keeping from Alina, he has the kind of personality that irritates me. I think forcing him to pay for a big wedding and her sisters is part of the humiliation. Email

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From Soup to Nuts

Season 3

Episode 4

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When Evelin revealed her secret wedding to Corey, I held out hope that there was some spark of romance or love behind the decision. Girl, you cannot date a boy who calls sex “skoodly poop.” I physically convulsed when he said that. If I’ve been harsh on this season’s women, please rest easy and know that I’ve settled on firmly hating Steven. Hopefully, she doesn’t get hurt before she realizes there might not be much more to their relationship than that. Corey’s relationship with Jenny wasn’t even disrespectful to Evelin since they’d already broken up (although I guess he was married to Evelin when he dated Jenny?). We aren’t meant to like everyone on this big, blue planet, and I simply cannot stand that kid. Steven seemed to think he could placate her for one night then gaslight her into taking his side. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! Ellie and Victor are finally reunited, and we get to see if their feelings for each other are authentic. When Bini’s family said Ari would leave with Leandro, their implications were clear even if they only meant she was leaving with Leandro for the night. Corey, WAKE UP!