The Wildest Moments from Benedetta, Paul Verhoeven’s Lesbian Nunsploitation Film

Tags: I’m his bride, am I not?” But she seems to interpret the terms of her potential marriage with Jesus Christ pretty loosely, as she jumps into an affair with a woman named Barteloma. In this latest teaser, Benedetta is told, “God will speak to you in many tongues if your heart is brave enough to let him in.” Well, sorry to Jesus, but Benedetta’s heart chooses to let in “blasphemous” lesbian romance. He came to me. The movie is based on the book Immodest Acts by historian Judith C. Some other notable moments from the trailer: hissing snake, dramatic thunder, burning at the stake, hand on bare boob … What more could you ask for? IFC Films has set the release date for December 3. The movie stars Virginie Efira and Daphne Patakia. In an earlier trailer, Benedetta states, “I saw Jesus. If you’re looking for a based-on-true events, lesbian period drama, look no further than director Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta. Brown, and centers on Benedetta, a 17th-century nun in Italy who experiences disturbing religious and erotic visions.