She also described the four unique statement purses she bought to aid in her healing from COVID-19: “I bought a purse that’s the shape of one single piece of toast. So we hope you enjoy our new-and-improved, Instagram Live–based version of “Follow Friday.”

This week, I sat down for a virtual chitchat with fellow coastal-elite-bubble resident Jenny Yang (Comedy Crossing, Last Man Standing, recently getting engaged, ahhhh!). And a futuristic lifestyle calls for a modern approach to our traditional “Follow Friday” column. We want you to get to know our favorite up-and-coming comics, writers, and generally funny social-media presences face to face (or at least screen to- creen). I bought a purse that looks like a ruby-red glossy apple. More From This Series

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Tags: And — sorry to French people — the pièce de résistance is I got a purse that’s the shape of a T-Mobile Sidekick from the early 2000s.”

You can find Jenny on Twitter and Instagram at @jennyyangtv. She told us about her pivot from community and labor organizer to touring comedian, expressed the joy she felt producing a virtual, in-game Comedy Crossing stand-up show in the thick of the pre-vaccine pandemic, and gave some excellent advice on incorporating bold colors and patterns into your wardrobe. I also got a purse that looks like a boom box from the ’80s. We at Vulture have pivoted from our Luddite ways, opting for a more interactive digital angle to what was once mere text on web page. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vulture (@vulture)

Despite living in these frankly precedented times, we are also fully existing in the future.