Kate McKinnon Bids Farewell to SNL, Ascends to Space

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney Are Reportedly Leaving SNL

Tags: “Ten nice years,” Bryant says. “And look who’s back in — navel orange, we love you girl!” It’s a subtler farewell than Kate McKinnon’s dramatic cold open earlier in the episode, but no less sweet, especially when the bit wraps up with Yang and Che giving Bryant kisses on the cheek. “A friend I couldn’t have done this without,” Yang adds. Our love for Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang’s SNL trend forecasters is well documented, and though it’s tragic that we only had them for a season, it was beautiful to see Bryant deliver her unofficial good-bye to the show during last night’s Weekend Update bit. Watch the full bit above. After telling Michael Che they’ve just met with “the sun,” Bryant and Yang give us the rundown on what’s in for summer (“grapes with seeds, tying cherry stems with tongue to impress for sex, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ song”) and what’s out (“navel orange: why do you have belly button, you’re fruit!”) The bit proceeds as you’d expect until the forecasters’ last category, “Future Trends.” In?