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Tig Notaro’s Next Stand-up Special Will Be Fully Animated

“I told her since it was animated that we should have Dory in it, but she awkwardly changed the subject. Notaro’s most recent special, Happy to Be Here, premiered on Netflix in 2018. “Stand-up can be a very solitary art form, so combining it with a collaborative yearslong creative effort was such a joyful experience. It will air on HBO sometime this summer and will also be available to stream on HBO Max. “I’m so excited for everyone to see Tig’s new special,” DeGeneres said in the release. Related

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Comedian and Army of the Dead heartthrob Tig Notaro has a new stand-up special heading to HBO soon, but it will look a little different than your typical special. The network announced today that Notaro will star in “the first-ever fully animated stand-up special,” marking her second special for HBO since 2015’s Boyish Girl Interrupted. I’m so proud of this special and can’t wait for everyone to be fully vaccinated watching with their nana.”

Six Point Harness, Inc., is the animation studio credited with transforming Notaro’s stand-up to cartoon form for the untitled special; its past work includes Matthew Cherry’s short Hair Love and Adult Swim’s Lazor Wulf. “After having had the pleasure of seeing bits and pieces of my comedy animated over the years by some talented artists, I became DRAWN to the idea of creating a fully animated hour,” Notaro said in a press release. Additionally, the special is executive-produced by Ellen DeGeneres (cough cough), who also executive-produced Happy to Be Here in 2018; Notaro, in turn, co-directed DeGeneres’s Netflix comedy special Relatable that same year. But it’s still hilarious.” Here’s hoping the #HotTig hashtag extends to cartoon Tig as well.

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Tig Notaro to Replace Chris D’Elia in Zack Snyder Zombie Movie

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Tig Notaro has landed a new gig that involves filming a movie role that had previously been completed by another comedian. According to Variety, Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie heist film starring Dave Bautista, Army of the Dead, had cast and filmed a part by comedian Chris D’Elia, but presumably due to the sexual-misconduct allegations that surfaced against D’Elia in June, the role has now been recast, and Notaro will step in to take over. Callen “categorically and absolutely” denied the allegations in a statement. Not long after, on July 31, Callen was also the center of multiple sexual-misconduct allegations reported by the Los Angeles Times, including rape. Anyway, best of luck to Tig. Related

Netflix Pulls Chris D’Elia Prank Show After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Tags: D’Elia denied the June 16 allegations that he solicited nude photos from underage girls, saying in a statement that all of his relationships “have been both legal and consensual.” By June 23 he was dropped by his agency, CAA, and on July 23, Netflix pulled a prank show it had in the works from D’Elia and comedian Bryan Callen. Tig Notaro
Photo: Albert L. The Variety report notes that Army of the Dead had already completed shooting and entered post-production prior to the pandemic, so in order to swap out D’Elia with his new replacement, Notaro’s performance will be added thanks to the magic of green screen and other special effects.

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Tig Notaro Felt ‘Huge Relief’ When Louis C.K. Was Ousted for Sexual Harassment

“I started publicly trying to distance myself from him for almost two years now. It’s somebody else’s story. came as no surprise; she had learned of the harassment allegations against C.K. “It’s a huge relief,” the One Mississippi actress said while visiting The View Monday. When asked whether or not she had heard “rumors” about C.K.’s behavior in the past, Notaro said that while she hadn’t been specifically sexually harassed by the comedian, she nonetheless “had gotten firsthand confirmation.”

Tig Notaro Addresses Louis C.K. “I found this out right after we sold the show, that this was happening,” Notaro said. Sexual-Harassment Scandal

Tags: (The Louie star had been an executive producer on her Amazon show, even helping Notaro approach the streaming service with the project.)

Of course, Notaro explains now, the admission of guilt by C.K. soon after Amazon bought their series. Even though I knew firsthand from people, it wasn’t my place to call out names. Anyone who has followed comedian Tig Notaro’s response to Louis C.K.’s admitted pattern of sexual harassment probably won’t be surprised at her take on his exposure and swift professional ouster. It’s for them to directly speak about, but I knew, for myself, I wanted to make sure,” said Notaro.

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Tig Notaro Addresses Louis C.K. Sexual Scandal And Continuing To Fight The Culture of Harassment

That was the positive that came from that, and that’s it as far as I’m concerned. publicly responded to the allegations by bluntly admitting, “These stories are true.” But when a Vulture Festival audience member asked Notaro her opinion about his response, she wryly replied, “Did he respond?” Notaro then added, “I don’t want to go into the Louis stuff. Having been accused of sexual harassment — including masturbating in front of women without their consent — C.K. Watkins, for her part, said she felt all the recent sexual-harassment revelations were leading to a better future. Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

During a discussion at Vulture Festival L.A. “I feel like there’s been something brewing for the past few decades, and all of a sudden it’s just going so fast,” adding, “I feel like the feminine of our planet is pushing through right now.” She also emphasized that not all cases were alike, and should not be addressed with static language or actions. It has to be a conversation that we continue.”

Tags: on Sunday, Tig Notaro directly addressed the scandal surrounding the recently disgraced comedian Louis C.K., who is also the executive producer of her show, One Mississippi. The positive of that particular situation is whatever someone’s intentions are there — meaning him — the positive is that victims were not told they’re lying anymore. “We have to make distinctions in how we’re describing things and the impact.”

Despite everything, Notaro said she felt optimistic about the future. “I go back to that feeling of endless hope and optimism, but it can’t just be this little burst that happens and we move on from it. That’s all I took from that.”

Notaro’s comments came following a discussion with her friend Michaela Watkins for the panel Turning Point With Tig Notaro.